Internally Fit - "Good sh*t does Happen" w/ Colon Hydrotherapy
About Internally Fit & Owner: Carrie Chace
aka: Poop Whisperer
My first treatment in 1994 was the first day of MY life. I truly had no idea what I had inside me. Physically, Emotionally, Spiritually. I never could have imagined that Colon Hydrotherapy would be the window to my health, my awareness, my journey. Was I nervous? Paranoid would have better described it. I had no point of reference. No experience to grab from. From that first series of treatments I was reconnected to myself. Sounds a little far fetched but it is the truth. Colon Hydrotherapy is now a safe treatment, using only disposable hoses and tubing. Pressure gauges that are sensitive to a gas bubble. Temperature gauges keep the water that slowly enters your colon at body temperature. The water is thoroughly filtered so there is no coody concern. To your colon this treatment is a nice warm bath that hydrates and creates the opportunity to release toxins, bacterias, & even emotions that have disconnected us from remembering what a healthy balanced body should feel like.
The number of treatments will vary. Everyone starts with a series of 3. The cost being $210. If a series of 10 is appropriate, that being $650. The first treatment will take 1 1/2 hrs. due to paper work & in depth explanation after that only 1 hour.
Capstone Wellness
612 S Jones Blvd
between Charleston & Alta
Las Vegas, NV 89107
(702) 521-7262
Mon - Sat= By appointment only.
Sunday= Emergency or Out of Town Clients
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